I wish to express my gratitude for the many healings I...

I wish to express my gratitude for the many healings I have received in Christian Science. About a year and a half ago I believed myself very sick, with little or no hope of recovery. I had suffered from a stomach disorder for more than thirty years, for which medicine of many kinds had been used all the time but with only temporary results. Heart disease had also developed to such a degree that the doctors I consulted told me there was no cure, but that by being careful I might live for a long time; at the same time they warned me that the end might come at any moment. I kept taking medicine regularly, according to prescription, for several months without any noticeable improvement; then upon a visit to some relatives of mine an elderly lady who was somewhat interested in Christian Science urged me to take up the study of that healing religion and lent me the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy.

I began my study by reading the chapter "Fruitage" first, which made such an impression on me that I felt convinced that this book must contain a wonderful power. So starting at the first page I kept reading every day, doing practically nothing else for about two weeks, and in that time gained courage enough to quit taking medicine, and ate different kinds of food which had been strictly avoided before, and felt no worse for it. The study was continued, but it seemed as if I could make no further progress, so a practitioner was consulted and I received Christian Science treatment. Three months after my first visit to the practitioner I went back to work. I have also been healed of a stiff neck which at times was so bad that I could not look around without turning my whole body. I also got rid of worry, a hasty and resentful temper, the use of profanity and otherwise foul language, and many other ailments, for which I am truly grateful to God, Jesus the Christ, and to Mrs. Eddy, whom God so graciously endowed with wisdom and strength to establish anew this eternal truth which heals sickness and sin.—H. Johnson, Chicago, Ill.

Testimony of Healing
In love and gratitude to God, to Mrs. Eddy, and the...
October 9, 1920

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