The Battle Ground of the Present

Though the suppositional illusion called mortal mind remains throughout the ages the same in its antagonism to the allness of the divine Mind and idea, fortunately it never has had any real existence. Its nothingness is constantly being proved so that even its seeming is lessening. The battle of the ages is, therefore, whether infinite Principle or preposterous mortal mind is to be accepted as the conscious governor of one's activity. Really it is no battle at all, for the issue is already decided by divine intelligence, which is inexorable in its spiritual allness. Every question, of progress or permanence, of government or individual happiness, of any relationship whatever, has to be decided in accord with what the one Mind knows. There is no other standard of good. Any reluctance to accept this standard and to relinquish mortal beliefs for the glad conformity of infinite understanding is what entails the turmoil of the mortal void. All the while, however, the tangible peace of immortality, with all its vigor in action, is at hand to be proved and enjoyed. To give up the futile struggle and accept the tireless variety of Truth is the way, then, which is open to all and which is taken advantage of as fear melts before the metaphysical guarantee of actual good.

As spiritual idea, created by the divine Mind, the real man is the same to-day as throughout eternity, which is without beginning and without end. This sameness of boundlessly varied idea, quite apart from any belief in matter and material conditions, is what constitutes the true identity. Spiritual man is always the same spiritual man that the creator has known and will know forever. The spiritual reality is, of course, thoroughly different from any mortal suppositions as to the nature of man, and yet is neither vague nor merely speculative in any way. It is entirely practicable to live in accord with the Life which is Spirit, because any counterfeit sense of living is not genuine existence at all. Suppositional opposite of the divine manifestation has no identity, since it never has had any entity whatever. The absolute fact is that the only actual living must be spiritual doing in the now. In all circumstances, what has to be discerned and demonstrated is the identity, or spiritual sameness with eternal variety, of idea in place of any human sense of things.

"Comfort ye"
October 9, 1920

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