In love and gratitude to God, to Mrs. Eddy, and the...

In love and gratitude to God, to Mrs. Eddy, and the Christian Scientists who have lovingly helped me, I wish to tell of some of the benefits received. In the spring of 1917 I had an attack of what the neighbors called apoplexy, or paralysis. The morning when the illness came on, I had arisen very early, as I wished to put up a crate of berries before the arrival of a certain train. The work moved along more smoothly than usual, and I was grateful that, through the knowledge that Mind directs, there was no sense of confusion or hurry. Fruit was taken care of, kitchen in order, then I was ready for breakfast, with books at hand to read the lesson. I had failed to heed the command, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God," but had first given several hours to material duties. After reading half a page in Science and Health a strange feeling of inaction came over me. Mentally I declared God is here. On the way to the back porch I passed a canary and made an effort to speak to the bird, then learned that the power of speech had gone. There was no one with me at the time, but immediately a relative came around the house and said, "Good morning." I tried to speak, but could not; he asked if I were ill. I nodded assent. He assisted me to a couch (he was filled with fear, I was not), and asked whom I wished to see. I motioned for pencil and paper, could spell the name mentally, but could not write it. My relative mentioned the name of the Christian Science friend I wished to see, and went to get her. All this time there was an unspeakable stillness. I declared God is Life, and that Life is Mind. In a short time my Christian Science friend came in, saying joyfully, "I brought my Quarterly and will read the Lesson for you." After she had read two or three sections, I sat up; and when the lesson was finished I stood for a moment, then started toward the kitchen to get a drink. The friend said, "Why didn't you let me get the water for you?" I thanked her, and said I could wait on myself; my voice was natural and normal. Surely she had been giving me "living water." I was up and about all day, and the next day enjoyed a birthday dinner at a hotel. The healing was not complete at the time, as a sense of weariness seemed to follow. But at this time, some fourteen months later, there has been no return. Does any one ask why I am a Christian Scientist? Does any one doubt the healing power of Truth? Only the power of God could do for one what has been done through Christian Science demonstration. My heart overflows with gratitude for God's loving care, and my prayer is, "Show me Thy way."

(Miss) Emma Shepard, Portland, Ore.

Testimony of Healing
In "Retrospection and Introspection" by Mrs. Eddy, we...
October 9, 1920

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