To all mankind without exception God's promises apply...

The Christian Science Monitor

To all mankind without exception God's promises apply equally. God is Love, and Love is universal. There are no special favorites in God's universe. There are no black sheep, no scapegoats, no wayward children therein. The blackness, the sin, the waywardness are false beliefs of the so-called carnal mind. Since these are enmity against God, they are excluded from God's spiritual universe, for nothing entereth into it "that defileth, ... or maketh a lie."

Christ Jesus demonstrated universal Love. A superficial view of the teachings and practice of the Master might lead one to believe that he discriminated against certain persons or classes of people, but a closer examination makes it plain that he was simply exposing the qualities of erring mortal thought which are of themselves shut out from the divine blessing. While he withheld his help and his healing power from those who were unready, and therefore unworthy, to receive it, Jesus made it quite clear that the help given by the Christ was and is for all, and can be enjoyed by each as soon as each is ready for it. Mrs. Eddy writes on page 13 of Science and Health: "Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries, 'Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.'"

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