The return of spring is a season of rejoicing. Then all nature awakens to activity and sings aloud, reflecting the abounding love of God, which is manifested in all His universe. How gently and quietly spring comes! The sharp winds of winter gradually cease, the days of alternate warmth and cold intervene. At times little or no advance can be seen, but gradually, almost imperceptibly, a change appears: icy streams are unlocked, and their laughing echoes fill the valley and the woodland; brown fields and hills are covered with green; flowers spring into being, and the songs of birds are heard in the meadows. At length the transformation is complete, a banner of green is flung over the land, and the wonder of spring, which has thrilled men in all ages with its freshness and beauty, is upon us.

To him who ponders the ways of God, springtime has profound and beautiful lessons. What a type of man's growth in spiritual understanding! When the light of Christian Science first comes to us, how barren our lives, how cold our hearts, how fruitless our best endeavors! But gradually, gently, quietly, the sunshine of Truth pouring into our consciousness does its perfect work. Storms of sense may rage and the cold winds of selfishness, passion, and pride may blow, but the leavening influence of divine Science is ever at work. The storms abate, the harsh winds of hard-heartedness and self-righteousness are tempered by the gentle zephyrs of selflessness and purity. Thought rises to higher levels, ideals of life are clarified, and the laws of God are unfolding to the thought, revealing the divine purpose and coordinating man and the universe in unity and harmony. Then does the uplifted consciousness sing in the springtime of its joy, and the purified aspirations of the human heart soar upward in praise to the Love divine which upholds, guards, and enriches the universe.

How simply and yet profoundly did the Master impress upon his disciples the beauty of spiritual unfoldment! He said, "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin." Let it be noted that Jesus in his illustration of the lilies first pointed out their need of growth. During the long months of fall and winter the bulbs of the lily are quiescent, gathering strength, vigor, and energy. No time is wasted. Then the call of nature is heard, and the lilies, ready and waiting, seek the sunlit air. Steadily and surely, through storm and sunshine, darkness and light, the growth goes on. At length the glory of the flower is revealed, its whiteness, purity, and beauty so wonderful that "Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

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