Mr.—believes, evidently on the authority of one...

Wakerfield (England) Express

Mr.—believes, evidently on the authority of one lady, that Christian Science is allied to Mohammedanism. Perhaps he will explain how it is that while Christian Science has healed and saved a multitude of people from their sins and sicknesses in the name of Christ, although, as he claims, it is allied to Mohammedanism, yet his own particular religion, which evidently is in no way allied to this Eastern belief, can give no such proof of the presence and availability of that Christ to heal and save now, even as was done nineteen hundred years ago. He evidently credits Mohammedanism with more power than he does Christianity. Here is the crux of the whole matter: that he does not believe that the understanding of that Christ whom he professes to acknowledge can heal all manner of sin and all manner of disease today, although that Christ is the "Lo, I am with you alway;" but he does impute that these effects are attained through what he terms a hopeless metaphysical tangle and a mixture of Mohammedanism. Christian Science, however, asks your readers to judge it, not according to this gentleman, but according to Christ Jesus. "By their fruits ye shall know them."

I wonder if the critic is so satisfied with what he has accomplished in his own church in the way of demonstrating the reality of Christ, that he can afford to step out and attack another religion, which is astounding humanity by its actual results. And again, I would remind this critic of the command of the one that he evidently recognizes as the authority, i.e., Jesus Christ, when he forbade his disciples to interfere even with those whom they declared were not doing as they did. Would not more be accomplished if this shepherd spent his time in improving the conditions of his own flock, rather than in attacking some one else's belief?

The critic's letter is simply a conglomeration of statements gathered from other people's writings. Now, I would like to ask this correspondent how much of the spirit of Christ he would consider that I was manifesting if I should go out of my way to send a letter to the newspapers containing extracts from the critics in his church—and there have been and are now not a few of these critics; and would he consider that it was helping the church of Christ at all to do this? Is not the world sick and tired of doctrinal discussions which benefit no one, and are they not longing for that living and vital Christ "who healeth all thy diseases" and "forgiveth all thine iniquities"? Christian Science is giving this Christ-healing to mankind, and it has no time to spend in doctrinal discussions, but relies wholly on its accomplishments for the proof that it is Christlike. Its astounding growth is the evidence that it is choosing the better way.

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My Shepherd
September 19, 1914

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