While Christian Scientists, who are occupying their new...

Lewiston (Maine) Saturday Journal

While Christian Scientists, who are occupying their new church on College street, Lewiston, are not actively participating in the special local campaign for Sunday attendance, inasmuch as they affirm that here, as elsewhere, their churches are always filled with church-goers who seem to appreciate their privileges keenly, nevertheless, at the suggestion of the Journal, one of the adherents consented to the following statement covering some reasons why this condition prevails:—

The Christian Science interpretation of the gospels, the teachings of Jesus, makes religion so vital to the daily needs of people that they can take it into their home, their social relations, and even their business, as a solvent for every problem. This interpretation, highly spiritual in character, makes it possible to heal sickness as well as to destroy sin, and to demonstrate for one's self ample supply for one's needs from God's largess. It offers, not resignation to evil and consolation in sorrow, but power to overcome evil and triumph in the sense of life eternal. It holds the demonstration of spiritual life in the reflection of love and harmony and health to be the sufficient proof of Christianity, and it accepts nothing less. Profession of Christlike living, adherence to creeds, and attention to ritual and sacrament, are less availing than that quality of spiritual thought, that possession of the Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus," which lifts the sick from his bed of suffering, heals the bruised heart, restores peace in the home and in industry, and transforms the sinner into a loving student of the Bible and an example of pure, consecrated manhood and womanhood.

February 14, 1914

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