In a recent issue I notice that the Rev. Mr.—again...

Huddersfield (England) Examiner

In a recent issue I notice that the Rev. Mr.— again brings the subject of Christian Science and its curative power into his "Talks for a Quiet Hour." This time, however, he refrains from quoting directly his own views on the subject, but gives at length the views of a committee appointed by the Lambeth conference in 1908 to study the "Ministries of Healing."

When one proposes to quote another's opinion, it is usually considered wise to make sure how one's informant obtained his information, and it will undoubtedly interest this clergyman to know that the committee on whose judgment he places so much value, obtained its information solely from critics of Christian Science, and was in no way interested in or desirous of obtaining first-hand information from Christian Scientists themselves. The fallacy of judging a system from what its critics think of it, is apparent. The plain, unvarnished truth is this: that Christian Science is healing the sick and saving the sinner in strict accordance with Jesus' teachings, and at a rate that astonishes these good gentlemen; naturally, if the teachings of Christian Science are correct, then they will have to alter their views. This is not a pleasant prospect from their standpoint; therefore, the only thing left to do is to prove that Christian Science does not heal, and is not to be relied upon or accredited as our Saviour's gospel. Unfortunately for these critics it is becoming only too apparent every day that Christian Science does heal, and heals every so-called incurable disease and sin which every other system has failed to heal. More important still, it is beginning to be clearly seen that this healing is done through the simple process of knowing God aright, and then putting this understanding into daily practise. Eight years ago there was practically little or no Christian Science in Yorkshire. Today, every active town or city has a sturdy branch of this movement, and not a few villages, and this growth is in an increasing ratio.

February 14, 1914

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