When the healing possibilities of Christian Science were...

When the healing possibilities of Christian Science were realized, and I found that I was really to be restored to a life of usefulness, I promised our heavenly Father that my life should be spent in helping others to become conscious of this ever-present source of life, and whenever opportunity presented itself to give a cup of cold water in Christ's name as an expression of gratitude. It is a grand privilege which Christian Scientists have, that of giving their testimonies through the Sentinel and Journal, that others may see the fruits of Spirit and glorify God. Had it not been for the coming of Truth into my life, mine would have been an empty, wasted existence. I had never found anything satisfying to me in any religion, until I began to understand the teachings of Christian Science. I wanted to belong to a religious organization and lead a Christian life, but it was more from a sense of duty than from real desire. I then felt that to take such a step meant the giving up of many things which were very attractive to me.

While in college I had given considerable time to the study of the Bible in the prescribed course, and though this gave me a knowledge of its historical portions, no true understanding was gained for a practical application of the truths contained therein; yet I felt these promises must have been given for the purpose of meeting all of humanity's needs. After I became ill and felt so keenly the loss of strength and health, I at times turned in my helplessness to the Bible for comfort. I often prayed that I might be led to a way of relief, and Jesus' words, "Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you," were indeed proved true in my case. Just at the critical time, I was led to Christian Science. My desire was answered, and I was indeed relieved of a sense of existence which made it seem hardly worth trying to live.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science raised me from a bed of bondage after...
September 14, 1912

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