Is there anything that can in reality make us unhappy? No! Why not? Because man and the universe are either spiritual, eternal, and perfect, or they are material, finite, and imperfect. In the latter case it would not in the least matter what happens to one, for oblivion would await him after death. If, however, the former is true, as Christian Science teaches, then every man must sooner or later realize for himself that which is always the truth of being. The important thing, then, is to see this. Can we be unhappy about the blindness of any one when it is absolutely certain that some day he will be able to see? No! We should rejoice with each day, for each day brings us nearer to the realization of our hope. Whether it be a valley or a steep and rugged mountain which lies before us to be crossed, does not in the least matter; every day, every hour brings us closer to our goal. Therefore we cannot be otherwise than thankful and happy, and work on, meanwhile, with unabated courage.

Here it may be asked, What kind of repentance is most helpful? Is it not the repentance which prevents us from repeating our fault, and through which we may perceive what is right for us to do? And is it not a reason for rejoicing that we have attained an understanding of Truth which enables us to know when we have been acting wrongly? What is there to grieve about in that? Years of false education have made mortals bad and selfish; but when one is able to realize the nothingness of evil, this is cause for great happiness, and one should joyfully say, "Now I see wherein I have done wrong, and I can do better!" The light of divine Truth and Love opens our eyes and gives us at the same time the strength to do that which we see to be right.

September 14, 1912

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