Walla Walla, Wash.—Through the courtesy of the state publication committee the letter which follows has been put at our disposal, and the report contains so much that is interesting and encouraging that we are glad to give it a place in our columns.—Editor.

At our work at the Washington state penitentiary, where we have permission to hold services on the second Sunday of each month, the chaplain acts as our guard and has been very kind to us, giving us one full hour. We open with a short Scriptural selection and the Lord's Prayer, followed by the Lesson-Sermon, which leaves us about ten minutes in which to talk with them or to answer their questions. Only those who have expressed an interest, or wish to come, are called to these services, and we have an average attendance of forty-five. We give them literature to read and hand on to others—Monitors, Sentinels, or whatever we have, and they always seem glad to receive them. There is an ever increasing interest shown, and they give good attention to the reading of the Lesson-Sermon. Several testimonials of healing have been given, and much gratitude is expressed for the spiritual comfort and uplift. With deepest gratitude we note the changed appearance of the men, now manifesting hope instead of condemnation and despair. One man was healed in a few treatments of tuberculosis of the glands of the neck, also of vicious habits. He asked for help, and our first reader went out to the penitentiary especially to see the man, who quickly interpreted what was told him about Christian Science to mean that he must think only pure thoughts and speak only pure words. He tried to do his part and be obedient, and soon knew his freedom.

September 14, 1912

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