That there are many well-authenticated cases of cures...


That there are many well-authenticated cases of cures through faith, apart from Christian Science, we think no one who has looked into the matter will deny, and that such cures point to the mental nature of illness would be conceded by most men. The Christian Scientist goes a step farther, and maintains that not only is all illness of mental procurement, but that all remedies—however material in appearance—in reality operate on the mental condition of the patient, consciously or unconsciously. Further, he maintains that while every form of treatment is mental, there can be but one scientific method of mental treatment—that inculcated in the gospel. In Science and Health (p. 373) we find this statement: "The fear of disease and the love of sin are the sources of man's enslavement," and Jesus said: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Christian Science, therefore, is not an appeal to mystery, emotion, or faith as this word is commonly used, but is a profound, humble, and joyful recognition of the essential nature of God and man, which shows up as unreal, unlawful, and unsustained that which does not proceed from and cannot be contained in infinite Love and Life. Such a recognition of the presence and power of the divine Mind comes to man when his heart is open to receive it, in the office or the mill, on the hill or on the sea; now as of old. Truth knows nothing of place or time.

September 14, 1912

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