How often, when seemingly overwhelmed by threatening danger, the terror-stricken one has longed to hear spoken to him those words of glad assurance that came to the little group of disciples in the ship, as they watched in the dawning light one who was approaching them across the tossing waters. The disciples, though at first fearful, could no longer doubt when they heard the voice of their loved Master, saying, "It is I; be not afraid." He who had wrought the multitude of healing works they had themselves witnessed, had but given them yet another proof of the omnipotence of Truth.

The whole world, then, has reason to rejoice that through the understanding and application of the teachings of Christian Science those words of so many centuries ago have all their old-time potency today for "them that believe," for when our Master said, "Be not afraid," he not only banished the fears of the moment, but he also promulgated an assurance and a commandment to his followers for all time. He knew that the material conditions through which he had made his way to them were of no avail, and without power to prevent his passage. But the disciples had always believed in the reality of matter, and consequently thought that he who was coming to them over the water was an apparition, something supernatural. This belief in the supernatural produced fear, and until this fear was cast out they were not free to understand that "immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so called, as well as in the spiritual" (Science and Health, p. 427).

September 14, 1912

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