To attempt to embody in words the beneficial effect of Christian Science on mankind today, seems futile; it needs the inspired thought to grasp even in a slight degree the works accomplished by those loyal students whose lives have been and are consecrated to the healing and to the uplifting of humanity. The burdened sufferer from some secret sin finds strength to overcome the temptation and is freed from his enslaved condition. The person who despairs of ever mastering an ungovernable temper which is driving him to destruction, gains dominion over it. The doubter is taught the truth about God, and his fear is destroyed. The materialist has the spiritual creation unfolded to his thought, and his belief of life in matter is corrected. The revelation of God as omnipotent Mind rectifies the viewpoint of the atheist, and a loving desire to affirm the omnipresence of God, good, replaces his denial.

Christian Scientists have witnessed these reformations in different individuals, and such results of prayer, as taught in Christian Science, do fulfil the promises. The command of Jesus, that heaven-born utterance, "Heal the sick," which has been silenced for centuries, is again proclaimed, and has become a clarion call which is reverberating throughout the world, assembling the sons and daughters of God: in witness whereof stand their mighty works. The reading of the Word alone, imbued with the spiritual understanding given in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, is healing thousands; and in obeying this command of Christ Jesus the entire universe has been unspeakably blessed by the Christian Science churches and reading-rooms, and enriched beyond compare by the literature.

May 11, 1912

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