About twenty-two years ago, while living out West, I...

About twenty-two years ago, while living out West, I was in a railroad accident. I was conductor at the time, and the train was running at the rate of fifty miles the hour when we went down the embankment. I jumped off and the result was an injury to my leg, so that I suffered terribly from varicose veins for twenty years. In 1901 I was in another accident, this time receiving a fractured skull. A surgical operation was considered necessary, but it was followed by the wreck of my whole nervous system. I had rheumatism and bowel trouble the entire twenty years and in the last eight years stomach trouble was added. Truly I was in a dreadful condition. My family were instructed never to leave me alone. I became unable to do work of any kind and could walk only a very short distance, because of the pain and swelling in my leg. I had the best medical attention that could be had, and took large quantities of medicine, yet I was not benefited and was waiting to go on the operating-table as soon as my regular physician came home from his vacation.

I had given up all hope of ever being well, but I had a sister who had been healed of lung trouble through Christian Science, so I commenced to think of it, and as a last resort and with the least faith possible I called on a Christian Scientist for help. I was greatly benefited by the first treatment, slept well that night, and for the first time in years forgot my tobacco. In four days I walked five miles, and my leg did not swell or pain me. In ten days I went to work in a large wholesale grocery, and have since then worked harder than I ever did in my life. My leg never swells, I do not get tired, there is no pain, and I can walk like a boy and sleep like a baby. The rheumatism has vanished, also the stomach and bowel trouble, and last but not least I have been healed of intense hatred.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart filled with gratitude and love that I...
January 27, 1912

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