When a certain clergyman speaks of Christian Science...

Clifton (Bristol, Eng.) Chronicle

When a certain clergyman speaks of Christian Science as a "new fad," as reported in a recent issue, and classes it with other "new fads" of the time, he quite overlooks or else is ignorant of the fact that Christian Science has been an established religion for nearly forty years. Its growth has been phenomenal, and today there are hundreds of thousands of persons throughout the civilized countries of the world who bear grateful and heartfelt testimony to its healing and regenerating power.

Christian Science has been the means of bringing health, joy, and peace, and a great spiritual uplifting and awakening into the lives of a great company of those who faithfully follow its teachings. If this critic would study "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the text-book on Christian Science, by Mrs. Eddy, he would find that it is founded solely and entirely on the Bible from which he is daily preaching, and that far from being a "new fad," it is but a restatement of the practical truths which were taught by Jesus and practised by his disciples and all those who obediently followed his commands.

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