The control of one human mind by another, or anything...

Occult Review

The control of one human mind by another, or anything in the nature of such practice, is the reverse of the teaching and practice of Christian Science, which declares, as did the apostle James, that the same fountain cannot send forth both sweet water and bitter. It requires no explanation from me to show that the human mind, admitting as it does that evil is as real and powerful as good, must be as capable of doing evil as it is of accomplishing good: surely a house divided against itself. On the other hand, Christian Science, based entirely on the Bible, affirms and proves that good alone is real, is, in fact, the only power. Jesus the Christ taught this, and proved the truth of what he said by healing sickness and destroying sin, declaring also that all who understood his teaching would be able to accomplish the works he did.

Now, Christian Science maintains that those commands are just as practical and just as much to be obeyed today as when first taught and practised by Jesus and his disciples. It becomes obvious, then, that the teachings of Christian Science can only be demonstrated to the extent that we are willing to have the Mind of Christ; willing, that is, not to accept evil as a power equal to, or frequently more powerful than, good, but to take our stand upon the declaration of St. John, that "all things were made by him [God, good]; and without him was not any thing made that was made," and to understand, at least in some measure, the unalterable truth that in the perfect creation of God there can be and is no evil, no discord. Sickness is healed and sin destroyed through the realization of this great truth alone, and in no other way.

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