If we should withhold our songs of praise at this harvest...

If we should withhold our songs of praise at this harvest hour, it seems as though the very stones would cry out: and I wish to add my testimony of gratitude for Christian Science and our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy. When Christian Science found me, in 1891, I had been a confirmed invalid for three years, culminating in lung trouble from the derangement of the whole system, Previous to this period I had attempted to earn a living, but was interrupted by spells of illness at shorter and shorter intervals. Besides the organic diseases, repeated attacks of nervous trouble had become alarming; and when symptoms of abnormal growths, for which I had had four operations, returned, I preferred to die rather than tell the physicians. It is often claimed that personal faith is the healing force of Christian Science, but my experience proved that the human mind can do nothing, either for against the divine purpose. Even the aunt who suggested Christian Science had so little hope that she said, "It certainly cannot harm you, and it might give you enough strength to go home to another physician." To me the name implied blind faith or will force, more repugnant than the exhausted methods of materia medica, so I promptly opposed it. But as something must be done quickly, and nothing else offered, I finally consented to give it a fair trial.

We were then residing near the home center of Christian Science, and I was taken to one of Mrs. Eddy's students. She asked but few questions, and gave a treatment, which apparently had no effect; but at the second visit I ventured to ask what was the method of this (to me) strange system. Her few words were so practical that I began at once to apply the understanding of the Principle which I had gained, Some diseases disappeared quickly, others were slow to yield, but so great was the general improvement that within three months I crossed the continent under trying circumstances but without ill effects. The change to health was acknowledged to be remarkable by my home friends, but they predicted that it would be a year at the longest before I would be back in the old conditions. Four months later I had returned to my chosen vocation, and for five years worked steadily, including alternate Sundays, holidays, and occasional night work. Though I realized my utter dependence upon Christian Science, and that every breath I drew was due to its healing power, yet for me to remain well and also active seemed at first unthinkable, and I would often catch myself being startled by observing that I had kept up at a stretch, the time growing longer and longer, without a breakdown; until later the old habit of thought was forgotten. When the summer season came around, I would plan for the usual recreation, as was our custom from childhood, but it was difficult to get away, and so the years slipped by without a vacation. Later it came about for me to return to the large office where were still left comrades who had known me in the old days. As my standing was of the best, and relations cordial, I was surprised to discover that the local manager hesitated to carry out the official instructions. In the course of the conversation, he remarked, "I'm afraid you can't stand the work:" but he finally consented to give me a trial. At that time I was known to be also traveling a distance of eight miles by water and rail, to and from the office; but again human expectations failed. At the office was an old acquaintance, who had, eight years previous, bade me good-by for the last time, she supposed. Soon after my return to this office she was obliged to take a vacation, and on the morning of her return she came down to my desk to greet me. As I looked up, she exclaimed, "Why, you look better than when I went away!"

That Christian Science does heal, despite all mortal protests, has been repeatedly proven to me, and if the tests seem at times overwhelming, we have only to cling closer to the promises, which admit of no exceptions to their rule.—Jennie W. Bacon, Los Angeles, Cal.

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October 12, 1907

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