I am very far from anxious to involve myself in a...

British Medical Journal

I am very far from anxious to involve myself in a controversy on any subject, but in the article in your last issue you ask me a definite question, and to that question I am perfectly willing to reply.

You ask whether I am prepared to undertake to blot out the epidemic of typhoid now raging at Peterhead? I answer, Certainly I am not. No Christian Scientist would undertake anything of the kind, any more than the apostle Peter could be induced to give Simon Magus for money the power to heal. The Christian Scientist knows exactly what Peter knew, that the power to heal, as Jesus taught and healed, depends on the spiritual perception of the healer, and that whether or no that perception will be equal to any given attempt it is impossible to say. Any Christian Scientist, however, will undertake, if the requirements of Christian Science are fulfilled, to do his utmost to help any sick person who may apply to him, and to show such a person how he may begin to gain that spiritual perception which will enable him, through purity of thought and consecration to Truth, to obey the divine command to overcome some day "all manner of disease."

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