"Blest be the tie that binds"

The late Communion and dedicatory service of the Extension of The Mother Church will always be remembered as a notable event, not only in its occasion but in its unity of spirit, its inspiration, its enthusiasm, and its contagious joy. Divine Love was manifested in a manner and degree which gave new and nearer significance to one's thought of heaven. It was that blossoming of brotherhood which precedes and guarantees the fruitage of faith. The conscious proximity of a great idea brought a dissipating rebuke to the narrowness of self-interest. In such a presence it became easy and natural for one to be courteous, unselfish, kind, and good, and we have thus learned, through human experience as well as through revelation, that the one place where we can all meet without fear of friction is within the shadow of that great Rock, the Christ-truth whose majesty and might alone save humanity from the disintegrating weakness of mortal sense. Truth is the cement of true socialism, the bond of true brotherhood.

In a time of increasing stress and turmoil in the world's communal life, a time when the asserted unfairness and injustice of political and commercial rule are cited as the explanation of strikes and incipient revolution, and when the pitiful living-conditions of vast numbers in all lands is pressing upon the heart of every Christian altruist, it is quite impossible to escape the conviction that a more impelling sense and a more practical expression of loving brotherhood is one of the world's greatest needs. Though eighteen centuries and more have past since Christ Jesus taught and exemplified the higher kinship, so-called Christian nations are still finding their assurance of peace only in their preparedness for war; while in their political, economic, and business relations professed Christian men are still so indifferent to the Golden Rule that the story of individual success often becomes a narrative of heartless selfishness and cruel imposition.

Letters to our Leader
June 23, 1906

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