To save a sick body I sought Christian Science, but little...

To save a sick body I sought Christian Science, but little did I know that the healing of my body was but the call for a full and free salvation from sin-sickness,— from a self-centered life with its resultant defeat. This healing of the suffering body has been the gateway to that all-round healing of the man. Surely suffering was proved to be sin's necessity here. Hate, pride, and selfishness were so long enthroned that the poor heart leaps for joy as the love that passes all words fills it. How good it is to love instead of hate; how good to be meek rather than proud; how good to be selfless and not selfish, to rise from the depths up to the heights of God's love. The same Principle that is doing its perfect work in healing me of hatred, of pride, of self-righteousness, of all the sins and errors of mortal mind, healed my sick body, and I am coming to know God as All, —to know that my real existence is inseparable as I understand and demonstrate the truth.

I should not be here to-day, in abounding health and with praise in my heart, were it not for Mrs. Eddy's life of love. May I ever love and honor that life. I cannot forget the one whose teachings helped me back to life and taught me to walk in the light. May I show my gratitude by loving others as she has loved.— E. C. Barto, Champaign, Ill.

As I have received so much benefit from reading the testimonies in the Sentinel and Journal, I will add my mite, in the hope that it may help some one, journeying up the hill of Christian Science, in the endeavor to overcome self. Eight years ago I was a slave to the liquor and tobacco habits, which had been growing on me for five or six years, and I was healed in Christian Science in one week's treatment. I have since been healed of blindness. In February, 1901, I became totally blind. One eye was healed in two months, while the other would get better and then worse. This condition continued for two years and a half, but my faith in God and Christian Science was never shaken, for I knew that when a clearer understanding of this truth came to me, I would be completely healed. In March, 1990, I had the privilege of class instruction. A short time ago I called upon my teacher and she asked about my eyes. I told her that one eye was perfect but that I could see very little with the other. I had worn glasses for two years for one eye. My teacher asked if I could see without the glasses. I told her I could, but that I had not overcome the universal mortal belief that my eye and head would ache if I left my glasses off, even for a few minutes at a time. She told me to take off my glasses and not wear them any more, and if I had any spare time, to improve it by realizing that in God was my sight, and that there could be no defect in what God knows. I immediately removed the glasses, and am very glad to testify that my eye is completely healed. I was also healed of appendicitis in five days. These are only a few of the many blessings I have received through Christian Science, for which I am truly thankful to God. I am also grateful to Mrs. Eddy for living so pure a life that she was able to give us this saving truth which makes us free from every form of disease and sin.

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