When Copernicus departed from the old lines in astronomy,...

Granite State News

When Copernicus departed from the old lines in astronomy, and began to regard the heavenly bodies from the standpoint of the sun as the centre of the solar system, the practical results which he obtained were an evidence that he had found the right basis from which to calculate in astronomy. The results stood as proof that the starting-point was correct. In like manner Christian Scientists contend that the practical results or fruits of Christian Science teaching and practice establish the proof that they have found the right basis from which to work out righteousness and health.

Those who have studied the workings of Christian Science in their entirety see therein a spiritual movement making for the well-being of society. No description is adequate which does not recognize the fact that Christian Science transforms the lives of men and women. From every quarter comes the story of pride, obstinacy, selfishness, anger, jealousy, and fear destroyed. Drunkenness, profanity, and sensuality are overcome. Business is conducted upon a more honorable basis, feuds are broken up, children are reared in an atmosphere of greater harmony and love, while husbands, wives, and neighbors are re-united. Christian Scientists testify that, great as has been the physical healing which many of them have received, it is the smallest part of their gain.

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