"The bread of life"

The Communion of The Mother Church is over, so far as the outward event is concerned, but the wave of spiritual aspiration awakened by this simple, yet profoundly impressive service will go out into human consciousness, and circle the globe with a message of peace and good-will, of "faith, hope, and charity." The lesson for the members seemed to be this,—that he who would enter into the "holy place," must enter by the door of righteousness, while "the holiest of all" can only be reached through love,—love for God, and for our fellow-man.

All questions as to how people are to be drawn to the church and interested while there, were clearly answered for every unprejudiced thinker who attended The Mother Church last Sunday. In spite of the fact that many had to stand during the entire service, the closest attention was given throughout, and the blending of the voices in the Lord's Prayer and in the singing witnessed to the depth and intensity of feeling experienced by all who were present. No one need wonder that the members of this Church should be stirred to the depths of their being on such an occasion. It is no light thing for one who had been an hungred and athirst in the desert of mortal existence, perchance sick and hopeless, to find the doors of the Father's house opened wide by Christian Science, the blessed revelation of Truth, to learn what it means to partake of the "bread which cometh down from heaven and giveth life unto the world," and of which Jesus said, "If any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever." "Live," said he; not merely exist in the dream of materiality, but be awake to divine reality; "live forever" in gaining with each passing hour a higher, holier, clearer sense of the divine purpose which would be unfulfilled did man not know that he lives because God is his Life.

The Communion Service
June 17, 1905

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