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In view of the fact that immigration this year points to the breaking of all records, indicating a total of over one million — one-eightieth of the population of the United States — most of it coming from Italy, Hungary, and Russia, President Roosevelt is said to be considering the idea of presenting the problem to Congress as constituting a serious peril and urging drastic action. Two methods are under consideration, the limiting of the number of immigrants who can be landed in a month, and the increase of the head tax to a prohibitive figure. Immigration from Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and other countries furnishing desirable citizens is lessening, and is being replaced by an enormous immigration of the least desirable class from the three countries named. A combination of both propostions is also considered, and there is talk of an educational test. The immigrants, however, who can pass the educational test are frequently of the very worst class, while many immigrants who have little education are honest and intelligent.

The President's action will be based on the evidences of a conspiracy on the part of European Governments and the big steamship companies to unload their paupers and criminals on the United States, the details of which plot have been fully reported by Marcus Braun and other immigration agents who were sent abroad to study conditions. These reports are said to be so sensational that they have never been made public, being withheld by order of the President himself.

Dynamic Religion
June 3, 1905

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