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The Navy Department is in receipt of a proposition from the Marconi Company for the establishment of a wireless system of communication between San Francisco and Hawaii. The distance is about twenty-one hundred miles, and presents numerous difficulties. It is proposed to have stations on the islands so situated that it will be possible ultimately to send a message from San Francisco to Manila by wireless. As the Marconi people ask an exclusive use of that system in the reception or sending of messages under any conditions, the Navy Department officials do not look upon the proposition with favor, it being held that the Government wireless stations should be in a position. to send or receive messages without restriction, and should be permitted to exchange communications with any station on ship or land.

The Seventh International Railway Congress, which opened in Washington last week, is an event of much moment. This is the first time that the eminent railway scientists, who represent the most advanced thought and practice in Europe and the world at large on railway subjects of an internal nature, have ever held their deliberations on this side of the water, although European representatives have frequently been in the United States to investigate American methods of railroading.

"What must I do to be saved?"
May 13, 1905

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