Admitting all that can possibly be deducted for exaggeration...

Admitting all that can possibly be deducted for exaggeration in many ways, there still remains a large number of well-authenticated cases cured by this system of treatment without medical agencies. Many cases had been long under treatment by expert physicians, and no doubt could be entertained as to the correctness of the diagnosis and the seriousness of the disease. Their rapid recovery, when the physicians had considered their conditions hopeless, has been something amazing. Probably all of you here present have known personally one or more such cases. The diseases healed have more frequently been mild disorders. Yet diseases of most serious and usually considered incurable kinds have all been represented in the list of well-authenticated cures. Just one case, by way of illustration: This is the most recent one to come under my personal notice. I inquired into it while on my vacation last summer. The physician who had the case in his hands for some time is one of the best friends I have on earth— an exceedingly thorough and conservative physician, with forty years of successful practice for a record. The disease was of such a nature that a correct diagnosis could be had without possibility of mistake. But in addition to the attending physician, the patient was examined by at least two of the best specialists in Massachusetts. All agreed that she had but a short time to live, yet under a brief treatment by a Christian Science healer she regained her strength and vigor, and retains it to this day, more than six months afterward— a constant marvel to all who know the circumstances, and who expected that her gain would be followed by a fatal relapse.

Here are facts admitted; namely, cures wrought . . . Is it not likely that there is some one uniform Principle or law which underlies these?

Among the Churches
May 6, 1905

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