A Revelation of the Century

As a newspaper man with thirty years' activity in the metropolis of this country, the most interesting phenomenon to me is the mental transformation which is taking place among "my kind." Mere intellectualism has so enslaved many journalists that it often seems impossible to hope for a change to the higher ideals in life which shall overcome the stubborn prejudices to a religion, — a new philosophy, — the Discoverer of which is a woman. As this still darkens many liberal and willing seekers after the truth, I am moved to submit my experience, because I feel that it may benefit many others. Generally the whole environment of a newspaper-worker tends to harden the tenderness, the idealistic conception of life; but bring a message of love at the right itme and in the right way, and the "moulder of public opinion" will listen and will quickly yield to the appeal of Truth. All thoughtful men admit that every great man was blessed with a good mother, hence our Leader's womanhood should be appreciated and no more opposition to Christian Science be felt on that account. Furthermore, Christian Science must be judged primarily by the great good which it does.

Another stumbling-block to the unbeliever, atheist, infidel, or materialist is the church. When he learns, however, that the Christian Science Church not only attracts and firmly holds the erstwhile infidel, but awakens in him a desire for spiritual truth, he will be ready to admit that there must be something "different" from all others in this church. And how great seems the victory, when, one by one, the so-called unbelievers turn to Christian Science, not only for physical healing but, in some cases, solely for a peace heretofore unknown to them, and which comes when first they understand the heavenly message, — "God is Love."

Reaching the Heights
April 29, 1905

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