The Bible describes God as the same yesterday, to-day,...

Indianapolis (Ind.) Sentinel

The Bible describes God as the same yesterday, to-day, and forever, as being without variableness, or shadow of turning. The office of prayer is not to change God's immutable ways, but to assist him who prays into a more harmonious relation with God's laws, as a spiritual being. When the fading plant is carried out of the dark cellar into the sunshine and rain, it is not for the purpose of altering the sunshine and rain, but to bring the plant into a more harmonious relation with them. Christian Science teaches the need of seeking to understand God's eternal and immutable laws governing us as spiritual beings, and that we cannot hope to avail ourselves of the uses of these laws in any scientific manner, to overcome our discords, except according to the measure of our understanding of them.

Christian Science utterly denies supernaturalism; it regards the "miracles" performed by Jesus, by the primitive Christians, and by the ministry of modern Christian Science, as altogether in conformity with, and not in opposition to or a suspension of, God's unchanging laws. Christian Science emphasizes the need to test, apply, and prove what we understand of God's laws, as fast as we learn them, and teaches that only by this practical method can we truly understand them and increase our understanding for further tests and demonstrations.

February 18, 1905

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