The Christian Science movement, which is growing so...

Washington (D. C.) Post

The Christian Science movement, which is growing so rapidly in our land to-day, is a national product of a world-wide demand. A religion that claims to heal the sick, reform the sinner, overcome bad habits, such as the use of liquors, to banish discord, and bind up the broken-hearted, by the power of God, acting intelligently through His own law, is not to be lightly set aside, and if such a system proves its words by its works, it warrants investigation. Its followers believe that Christian Science does all these things, is doing them daily in many parts of the civilized world and especially in a large degree in our own country. They claim it to be purely Scriptural, being a revival, or restoration, of primitive apostolic Christianity "with signs following," the same religion that Jesus, our great Master, so successfully preached and demonstrated, and that was so metaphysically taught by the Apostle Paul. And, in addition to the signal demonstration of healing that is being made, it expounds the Science of being, explains cause and effect, the nature of God, man, and the universe, and shows man how he may be reconciled to his heavenly Father and be at peace.

The spiritual interpretation of the Bible is natural and beautiful, bringing a spirit of rational common sense to the study of the Word of God, applying it to the needs of human life here and now, and working out the vexatious problems of existence with precision and logic. It illuminates the sacred page with the light of inspiration, so that the Word of God is being rendered practical as never before.

Among the Churches
February 18, 1905

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