I have so many times thought when enjoying the rich...

I have so many times thought when enjoying the rich blessings the Sentinel brings to us each week, that I would write and say "Thank you," at least, but each time something has seemed to prevent; to-night I feel it is my duty to make the acknowledgment. In a testimony in a recent Sentinel we read, "We feel like saying of each Journal and Sentinel, 'Surely we never had another so full of love and admonition,' " and this has often been my experience. The thought of Science as the "new tongue" came to me in my reading this evening. There is such a unanimity of expression among Scientists everywhere. Here we have articles all over this broad land,—from Maine to California, from Canada to Texas, from England, Germany, France,—from titled personages and inmates of the prison cell,—and yet the same love and gratitude is expressed in all, and in much the same simple, earnest manner; and I thought of how it must rejoice our Mother's heart to know of the many who are, even now, learning what "freedom" means through this blessed teaching which she has labored so long and unselfishly to bring to a sin-sick and weary world. Then I recalled the poem, "Love's Recompense," and I thanked God that the "loving thought and word" must return to bless the giver, and that we have the assurance "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

I would like also to express my gratitude to the Bible Lesson Committee. It seems that our lessons grow more and more helpful, and I often find in studying the Scripture references, other passages that are just what I need for some patient's help or encouragement. I doubt if we fully appreciate these lessons, or our Journal and Sentinel, but if we stop and think what a vacuum it would leave in our lives to be deprived of them, it may increase our gratitude for these blessings, and we may be led to think of the watchfulness and care it must require at headquarters to furnish us such wonderful helps. We certainly need feel no hesitancy in recommending our friends to subscribe for our periodicals, since we know what a feast of good things is in store for all who read them. The first Sentinel for the New Year is full of helpful thoughts, the crowning piece being the gem from the pen of our Leader, "Christmas Gifts." I hope we may have the "honest, wise zeal" which will enable us to meet the requirements mentioned in the editorial, "The New Year."—O. F. H., Binghamton, N. Y.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a deep feeling of gratitude that I write these...
January 30, 1902

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