WE are asked by those who have no understanding of Christian Science the meaning of the word "claim" as used in Christian Science. We are taught in Christian Science that God is Love, Truth, Life, Intelligence, etc., and that man is His "image and likeness." Then when something unlike God and His attributes claims to be real and a part of us, or belonging to us, we can readily ascertain if it has a right to its claim, by seeing if it in any way is a part of God or His creation. If not found in God it cannot be found in man, His image and likeness. It is a false claim and we cannot afford to let it remain one instant in our consciousness.

Some years ago my father owned some land in New York City in a part not then populated to any great extent. On this land a man built a small house or hut and remained so many years without being molested that he concluded he would lay claim to the property and refused to go away when requested to do so. After going to law and considerable expense, he was forced to vacate. His was a false claim, but he nearly obtained possession because of being allowed to remain so long.

Semper Paratus
April 11, 1901

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