Why should Orthodox Medicine Dread Competition?

THE above pertinent inquiry is submitted by way of an editorial in the New York Journal of April 1, 1901. Why, indeed, should a profession of over four thousand years' standing dread competition in this morning of the twentieth century? It it ever is to be securely based, it surely should be by this time. Its foundation should be well and permanently laid. The people should understand it to be a great healing agency. Its efficacy should no longer be open to question. Its votaries should be above admitting even the possibility of successful competition. The fact that this is not true is food for earnest and serious thinking along this line. Of one thing we may be sure, if there were not a supreme need of better and more efficient means of coping with disease than that represented by any material system of healing, Christian Science would have no place in the world's thought to-day, and could not and would not have made the great strides that have caused a percentage of the members of the medical profession to take a defensive attitude toward it.

In this connection we are glad of the privilege of quoting the editorial from so great a daily as the New York Journal:—

Medical Legislation in Colorado
April 11, 1901

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