Christian Science Applied to Business

HAVING experienced so much practical benefit in my business life, resulting from the application of Christian Science, I am impelled to relate a little of my experience for the benefit of others. To begin with, my natural inclination was to think out and plan ahead every step I desired to take. This method caused me at times much weariness and frequently the particular work I had planned never was accomplished, hence in such cases all my mental work and worry had been for naught. After coming into Christian Science I had been reading the instruction of Jesus to his disciples, wherein he instructs them not to premeditate what they shall say, but tells them in that hour it shall be given them. Then the voice of Truth suggested to me that the promise ''in that hour it shall be given you" was applicable to every condition of life.

I began to work along that line and was gradually enabled to lessen the mental tension and trust more to the leading of divine Principle. It seemed so clear to me that if I could bring myself under control of divine Wisdom that my action would become more intelligent and hence more successful. It is a self-evident fact that all mistakes and failures are due to a lack of wisdom, and it is also evident that if we were possessed of wisdom we would not make mistakes. Then the question arises, how and where shall we obtain wisdom; and we find our answer in Psalm III : Io : ''The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.''

Be Patient and Faithful
April 11, 1901

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