Touched the Hem of Christ's Garment

In June, 1898, I was suffering from nervous prostration, and while sitting one afternoon with a neighbor she mentioned that her mother had been an invalid for fifteen years but was healed by Christian Science treatment. I remember that as quick as thought I decided what to do, but I very quietly asked what she meant by her mother being healed, as the word was a strange one to me. She told me a little about her mother's case, but she was not a Scientist and did not make anything plain to me only what I gathered from her first words. I believed her mother was healed by Christian Science, and I made up my mind that I would try it. The suggestion came that I did not believe it could reach me. Many thoughts flashed through my mind on my way from her house to Christian Science Hall. but I kept straight on and prayed with every step to be directed.

I found Mr. B. and introduced myself. I told him I could not stop for treatment then but wished to make an appointment for the next morning. I felt that he understood my condition, and I said, "Can you help me?" he replied, "I will try." With that I was satisfied. I kept my appointment the next morning, bought a copy of Science and Health, and arranged for treatment. This man silently communing with God in my behalf impressed me with a sense of the goodness of Christian Science and its true followers. I have never doubted a testimony in the Journal, Sentinel, or at the Wednesday evening meetings. I felt from the first that if I was not healed it would be no fault of Christian Science. The trouble would be with me.

When I came to page 162 in Science and Health, and the paragraph beginning with line six, I saw the state of mind I had been living in, I saw where I then stood, I saw what divine Love would do for me. I also saw that I had much to do, and the struggle began. I had two weeks' treatment, but did not acknowledge any benefit until the last of the second week.

Testimony of Healing
The Reflection of Ever-present Love
March 28, 1901

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