Quickly Healed by Christian Science

It is over three years since I was brought into Science through being healed of diabetes. My first intimation that I had the trouble was when I was examined for a life insurance policy. I had made application to one of New York City's most prominent life insurance companies for an endowment policy and was rejected. I subsequently made application to three other companies and met the same fate. The last examining physician informed me that I could not live six months unless I placed myself under the care of a specialist on diabetes, he even sent a specialist to examine me and try to save my life. I rejected his proffered assistance but did make application to our family physician, who placed me on diet and gave me a list of things I could not eat and a short list of things I could eat. I felt myself receding every day while under his treatment. He suggested a trip abroad, away from business cares, and I made up my mind to take it. About this time my family became interested in Christian Science, and they prevailed upon me to try it. I had very little confidence in its efficacy, but I yielded to their entreaties and placed my case in the hands of a practitioner, but I told her that I thought that it was only time and money wasted. Suffice it to say, however, that in eight treatments all symptoms of the disease disappeared and I am to-day as well as I ever was in my life. I have since been received in an insurance company without question.

I have also seen divine Love demonstrated in my environments at home. After my healing we dispensed with all drugs and have relied upon Truth and divine Love.

I hope this will reach some doubting Thomases, and bring to them the peace and love Christian Science has brought to me and my household.

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March 28, 1901

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