Weekly Testimonial Meeting at Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City.

The regular Wednesday evening testimonial meeting held at Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City, October 30, was especially interesting, both to Christian Scientists and to inquirers and visitors present. The range of testimony, experience, and remarks was wide, and the different aspects of Christian Science set forth the significance of its universal application in the affairs of life.

After the usual opening exercises the First Reader, Mrs. Caroline W. Frame, C.S.D., opened the meeting by giving two interesting cases of physical healing through the operation of Christian Science. One an instance of an elderly woman, upwards of eighty years of age, who had been blind for about three years and who regained her eyesight through the treatment. The other case was that of a gentleman who in an attempt to adjust an electric revolving fan had a thumb virtually severed from his hand. The bone was cut straight through and the end of the thumb hung by a small portion of the flesh. Two other fingers were badly lacerated. A surgeon was called who expressed great fear of blood poisoning unless the thumb was entirely removed. The gentleman's sister was a Scientist and to her he went for help. Notwithstanding the great fear expressed by the surgeon as to the fatal results of any attempt to put the separated portion of the thumb in position to knit, the gentleman put his case in the hands of the Scientist and had the physician sew the wounded member, with the result that in a few weeks not only the lacerated fingers were healed but the severed member assumed its normal and natural conditions, and to-day, five months after, the thumb is as perfect as the other.

The testimonies given by the First Reader were followed by some remarks on the growth and work of Christian Science in the Field by a member of the Board of Lectureship, who made some significant observations of work as observed during a recent lecture trip. The growth of the work and church at East Aurora, N. Y., was spoken of, and the fact mentioned that the Chapel Hall of the famous Roycroft Book Shop, located in that town, was freely put at the disposal of the Scientists for a recent lecture, though it was not large enough for their use. He also referred to a telling incident connected with a recent lecture given at Bracebridge, Ont., where there is a faithful band of Scientists at work, who now own a church lot and expect in the reasonably near future to commence the erection of a church building thereon. At the close of this public lecture given in the Town Hall and presided over by a Canadian barrister, the judge of that judicial district, a prominent man in that section of the country and sitting in the audience, arose and proposed a general expression of appreciation and thanks to the lecturer and to the Scientists of Bracebridge for the valued efforts made by both to put Christian Science before the people. His Honor spoke with deep appreciation of the generosity of the Scientists expressed toward the people of the community. A leading business man of the city seconded the motion and the entire audience united in unanimous approval of the motion.

Getting Our Dominion
December 5, 1901

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