The Niagara Falls

Boston Herald

A larger number of persons have gazed with wonder and delight upon the marvelous beauty of Niagara during the present summer than ever before saw it in a similar length of time. It has been a very potent supplementary attraction to the Pan-American Exposition, and has played a most important part in the bringing together of so many thousands of people at Buffalo. Indeed, but for the presence of Niagara at or so near to Buffalo, the Pan-American Exposition might not have been held in that city, and, perchance, it would not have been held at all, so necessarily does all thought and subsequent action depend upon suggestion.

Considering that this has been the first year in which Niagara has really kept "open house" for the whole world, it is fortunate that its condition and appearance have been better than ever before, or, at least, better than during all those years when all manner of despoilers were permitted to encroach upon, and impair the beauty of, this greatest of our natural wonders. But it was not that Niagara was "expecting company" this year that it put on a comely appearance. It began prinking up fifteen years ago, and the work of adding new beauties to its surroundings and of restoring some of the old-time charms not hopelessly and forever destroyed by the devastating hand of man, is to go on indefinitely.

Actors Attend Church
November 28, 1901

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