Recent Archaeological Discoveries

Earliest Traces of the Human Race found in the Valley of the Euphrates.

Boston Herald

Prof. B. V. Hilprecht of the University of Pennsylvania has returned to America, after having discovered the very earliest traces of the human race. These he found at the bottom of a great heap of sand in Mesopotamia. He found a buried city, or, rather, several buried cities. He employed Arabs to dig out these cities, and to uncover relics left behind by the people who lived there thousands of years ago.

In the first place, he found curious inscribed bowls left on the surface of the mounds by the Jews who lived there as late as 800 a.d. A few feet under the surface they found the walls of a great temple, and evidences of the reign of one King Ashurbanapal, who lived there prior to 600 b.c.

Farther down they found relics of King Kadashman-Turgu, who reigned during 1400 b.c. ; the temple of Ur Gur, who ruled the land many centuries before Abraham, the father of the Jews, was born; and the temple of Sargon I., who lived during 3800 b.c.

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November 29, 1900

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