How I became a Christian Scientist

Up to eighteen months ago I was a very worldly selfish woman, living for very little but self and my own pleasure. Owing to financial troubles, and one disappointment after another, I was most unhappy and discontented. I also suffered from chronic indigestion, which medicine could not reach, although I had doctored for years. My nerves had gotten into such a condition that I could hardly speak without crying, and I had become tired of every one and every thing.

This was the condition I was in when Christian Science came to me one year ago last June, through a dear, loving friend, who had for some time been trying to open my eyes to the omnipotence of God. Up to this time I was not ready for the Truth and would not listen to that still, small voice which has proven such a blessing to mankind. I thought I could get along without God. I had to undergo a great deal of suffering, both mental and physical, before my eyes were opened, and I was made to see how selfish and ungrateful I had been all my life.

Testimony of Healing
Found Health, Contentment, and Satisfaction
November 29, 1900

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