Found Health, Contentment, and Satisfaction

While I was delivered from numerous diseases, some of which had held me in bondage for a long time, not having seen a well day for six years although all material remedies that were heard of were tried, yet one of the greatest blessings is the deliverance from a feeling of discontent. It was not ingratitude, for I tried very hard to be grateful for all that was done for me, but a longing for something better in life, which I knew certainly must exist somewhere if I could only find it.

From early childhood I searched through books and papers with the hope that I might find some clue to where it was. I saw a lack in humanity that no one I ever met could supply, and truly in my heart there was an aching void the world could never fill. I talked with intelligent people, and asked them many questions, but never found anything satisfying or that would give me contentment. Then I thought to be strictly religious would give me contentment, so I tried that about five years but could never find the religion I wanted.

Testimony of Healing
Permanently Healed by Christian Science
November 29, 1900

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