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There are few better protections against unworthy conduct than the faculty of believing in yourself and taking a high estimate of what the future has in store for you. When men are discouraged and "down on their luck," and come to think that there is no future for them, they are peculiarly liable to temptation. "What is the use," they think, "of trying? I do not amount to anything. I might as well take pleasure as it flies and let the future take care of itself."

Perhaps there are comparatively few of us that do not occasionally have these low-toned moments. We lose sight of our ideals or become sceptical about them. You do not know what you are doing for a fellow-man when you teach him to believe in himself by believing in him. You are bestowing a choicer gift than money or position. A good deal of the power of the gospel lodges itself in its capacity to invigorate self-respect by showing men that God cares for them, and revealing to them the dignity of their own nature and immortal destiny.

January 4, 1900

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