A Physician to Physicians

Suppose you had discovered a drug, the active principle of which should prove to the entire satisfaction of yourself and more than a million patients. Suppose this remedy needs no compounding, for it is always prepared. There is no patent, no red tape, no middleman, no quackery connected with it—a noble remedy indeed, making the lives of doctors and patients better and holier. Let us further suppose that the effect of this medicine is always the same—a salt that loses not its savor. There is no fear, doubt, or uncertainty that it will not act, and act at once. A medicine you could leave with a patient and go away, knowing that when you return you will find that this all-powerful remedy has worked wonders and performed what seems to be a miracle. It is a medicine without schools or rivarry; a medicine no unscrupulous discoverer can monopolize just when the human need cries out for help; a medicine that no combine can cover, as quinine was covered during that war, when seemingly most needed, because there was no other drug known that would produce the desired result. A remedy within the reach of all, and no relentless combine can cry, Up with the prices—nux vomica, anti-toxin, not vox populi, is king!

An ideal remedy, you say. Then Christian Science is ideal, for a million people are ready to testify that it is just such a remedy. The medicine of Christian Science is Mind, God. God is the only Presence and Power, and all God's children can understand Him. It is only ignorance, superstition, or prejudice that argue they cannot.

Under Fire at Detroit
August 17, 1899

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