Why I became a Christian Scientist

How came you to renounce Catholicism?" is often asked of me by people who are surprised to find one who has ever believed in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, embracing any other form of religion. It would not occasion nearly so much surprise if I had been an avowed atheist, and I might say right here that, according to the opinion of my relatives and friends (which were), it would be much better if I were a lukewarm member, indulging in all sorts of vice and degradation, with some hope of being reconciled to the Catholic Church even at the expiration of an ill-spent life, and, with just enough time left in which to receive the last rites, than to be a Christian Scientist.

To give a few of my reasons for espousing The cause let me first say that I had been a weekly communicant, fully believing in the grace to be obtained from partaking of the sacrament, during which time my wife had been subjected to twelve surgical operations at the hands of some of the best doctors in our sections, assisted by the prayers of the faithful, both in this country and Europe, and all to no avail, for in spite of this strong combination, I was doomed to become a widower.

End of the Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Case
June 29, 1899

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