Seed Sown by the Wayside

As there is so much interest being manifested in the distribution of Christian Science literature, I will relate for the encouragement of many who are engaged in this splendid work, how seed, when not even intentionally sown, but carelessly or accidentally dropped by the wayside, spirings up and bears fruit. I had known of this Science for several years, as my wife was trying to interest herself in it for physical healing. She had not become sufficiently well to live in the climate where our home was, still I could not help but see she was being benefited by simply reading Science and Health. But as this book taught purity, patience, and unselfishness, as well as other graces, it antagonized my thought, for at that time my graces were better spelled with the prefix "dis."

My wife was at home for a few weeks in the summer of 1895, and I was glad to notice her improvement in health, and especially pleased because of the inexpensive way in which the healing was being done, yet I did not care to read or know anything about Christian Science. She returned to California and left me alone on the farm, where I lived along in the same selfish way I had lived for years, living the life every man does who is interested only in his own gratification. This continued for some months, when suddenly, from no cause I could then explain, for I thought I was well, I was seized with an overwhelming desire to know what Christian Science was. My wife's letters scarcely ever mentioned the subject, so I could get no light from them, and I was hundreds of miles from a city or a Scientist, so I searched the house high and low, hoping to find something to enlighten me—I did not even have a Bible. after much earnest seeking I was rewarded by finding a few pages of an old Journal that my wife had accidentally left, and this supplied the present want. I think from the moment I found that piece of Journal I have never uttered an oath, and this was four years ago. I eagerly read every line, even the printed matter on the one cover that was left. I read it over and over night and morning. This, with my feeble attempt at prayers, constituted my morning and evening devotion. From this I gained sufficient understanding to demonstrate over many little ills, which proved to me the greater ones could be overcome in the same way. I soon learned I was anything but a well man, yet I had found that which taught me how to overcome all forms of error.

Testimony of Healing
Convinced by Demonstration
May 18, 1899

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