Our Inheritance

In trying to be a Christian Scientist, we are striving to gain our God-given inheritance. God made us in His image, after His likeness, but through ignorance of the truth of Being, this fact was lost sight of. In Christian Science we learn that we have an inheritance, and are shown how to gain a clear title to it. Whereas we are poor in good things we realize we should be rich in them. When we learn our relation to God and why we are His heirs we shall indeed gain our true inheritance, and become possessed of riches that are ever replenished, for the supply is equal to every need.

If we would only strive to gain our own inheritance, by being honest and truthful, not wasting valuable time looking up back records of our brothers and sisters, to see if they have a right to be an heir to the kingdom, we would much sooner gain this inheritance, and as we are lifted up, we would lift others with us.

May 18, 1899

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