The True and the False

Christian Science in its true, literal sense, as approved by the intelligent persons who profess its principles, undoubtedly suffers by the large class of alleged healers who, taking advantage of the opportunities of the growth of the Science, do business under its cover and in its name, with the logical result that newspaper exposures of their unwarranted and, at times, unlawful practices, operate to the public prejudice of the real Science as accepted by good, high-minded, honest men and women. This newspaper knows but little of Christian Science, as a creed, but in its practice it is convinced that there is a great distinction between the really intelligent, conscientious persons who are exponents of the doctrines of this new sect, and the persons who accept it, without believing, for pecuniary advantage in healing practices upon the gullible. The exposures of the latter, puts the ban, unjustly, upon the Science, as a whole. The real Science, says the Mail and Express, editorially, has for its converts, "a large and growing body of pious, high-minded, honest men and women, who are animated by a pure desire to conform their lives to the beautiful example of the Master. They obey his commands as they understand them; they hold that the Divine philosophy, properly interpreted, ministers to the body as well as to the soul; they preach the gospel of cheerfulness and calm, and out of the life-story of the Nazarene they have evolved a religion which responds in the fullest measure to the spiritual needs of its believers."

Times, Olean, N. Y.

God's Man
December 28, 1899

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