A short time ago I was called to treat a little baby that had been given up by the attending physician with the remark, "No power on earth can save that child," and when I reached the house, it was very evident that, from his standpoint, he had made a true statement. The little one was reduced to a mere skeleton, its nails and the ends of its fingers were black, and its eyes rolled back and set, and the so-called death film covered them, making them appear sightless; the breath seemed nearly gone, and there is no doubt that another hour would have marked the termination of the little mortal life, had Science not been called to its aid.

Another student of Science was present when I arrived, but could not remain, and in a short time I was left alone with the baby. I worked without a shadow of fear or doubt for about an hour, but could see no change, I then sent for "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and read to the entire family, consisting of father, mother, and two little boys. On opening the book, the first sentence on which my eye rested was on page 336, "Jesus acknowledged no ties of the flesh." I read about twenty pages, and every one was aglow with the thought of Life, and power of Truth to destroy error, and the last sentence was on page 356, "He knew that matter had no life, and that real Life is God; therefore he could no more be separated from Life, than God could be extinguished." While there was then no apparent change, I felt certain that all was well, and so left them.

On returning two or three hours later, there was everything to prove that the child was saved, and such rejoicing! That night the little one slept a sweet, restful sleep until five o'clock in the morning, and the mother said that never in her life, had she (the mother) had such a rest. The baby improved visibly every hour, and the next night went to sleep at half past six in the evening, and did not waken until half past three the next afternoon. Think of it! Twenty-one hours! If she had been under medical treatment, we would all have been frightened, fearing that perhaps she had been given something to put her to sleep, and she might never wake; but when God watches over His little ones, there is nothing to fear, and we could see that she was gaining all the time, and in forty-eight hours from the time that she was given up to die, no one would have supposed from appearances that she had ever manifested anything but perfect health. One thing that impressed me very much, was the eagerness with which the mother turned to Truth—a stranger in the city, and her baby apparently dying, she thought she was utterly alone. She determined not to yield to the M. D.'s decree, but to make one heroic effort to save her child, and though she had had no experience with Christian Science, she had heard of it, and felt that it might help her, so without losing a moment, she started out to find some one, and said that the instant she entered the Scientist's house, the darkness began to disappear, and I thought of the woman to whom Jesus said, "Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole." And the father said, "We not only have our baby back, but we have something that has changed our whole lives."

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October 6, 1898

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