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Turning Points In Spiritual Growth

Cover to cover

I was literally knocked off my feet. Out of the blue, I was stricken with such pain that it prevented me from leaving my studio apartment for several weeks—much of the time unable to get up from an easy chair.

Only God’s goodness ‘runs in the family’

My great-grandparents were contemporaries of Mary Baker Eddy, and my great-grandmother was the first in our family to become a Christian Scientist. She raised 13 children, and she also held mortgages for people, so she was a businesswoman back when many women were not engaged in such activities.

Progress and healing in my practice of Christian Science

I was raised going to the Christian Science Sunday School, and I think it’s fair to say that I have never known a time when I didn’t know Christian Science. I have been healed of numerous problems —from broken bones to being bullied at high school to workplace challenges.

When I came back to Christian Science

About six or seven years ago I became discouraged about the power and presence of God and stopped studying Christian Science. I still attended church because I drove my mother to the services.

Turning to God brings healing

I’d like to share a couple of turning points in my life. The first occurred after I came back into Christian Science (see Donna Mae Berneman testimony in the October 19, 1981, Sentinel ).

Gratitude for every bit of good

It was my second month in Saudi Arabia. Although I had agreed with gusto to share this new adventure in my husband’s career, I had no idea what challenges would come beyond the company orientation.

Heed no other voice

I’m sure I’m not alone in facing stumbling blocks after having made a commitment to something good.   Over many years in my practice of Christian Science I have found consistent support in refuting interferences, especially from the following two sources: Hymn No.

My fresh awakening to timeless spiritual truth

I had written to a dear friend of mine and related the experience that follows. She suggested that I submit it to the Christian Science periodicals.

A renewed practice

It was through a wonderful healing that I reached a significant turning point in my spiritual growth and recommitted myself to the path of progress defined by Christian Science—the path to wholeness, health, and salvation. The healing helped build the foundation that impelled me to enter the healing practice full time; and now, sharing the universal remedy that is Christian Science is my greatest joy.

Christian Science is the most effective healer

I was raised a Christian Scientist. Both of my parents and both of my grandmothers were class-taught Christian Scientists.