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Not thrown off

All I could do was simply be grateful for the beautiful day and for God. 

A graduate's prayer

A recent college graduate shares his prayerful approach to a common question: “So, what are you doing post-graduation?”

“I embraced the fact that God was with me, knowing that he would provide the very best for me. I simply needed to listen to Him.”

I learned that change can be as easy as walking with Love.

I realized that my only duty is to step out of the way and let God operate.

A college student shares how she stays committed to her practice of Christian Science at a large state university.

After contemplating taking her own life, this teen receives the healing answer she needed.

This writer sees what seems to be a funny coincidence as God’s gentle way of telling him to “stop ruminating!”

Quote quandary

Christian Science is about much more than memorizing the beautiful words Mrs. Eddy shared with her students and the wider world. It’s important to let those words speak to you—obtain the “spirit” of the word—rather than worrying over a potentially imperfect understanding of the letter.

Are we ever really trapped?

This author had a humorous “escape” from a corn maze when he realized that he could walk through the walls! Read how prayer enables us to overcome other barriers that may seem to be hemming us in.

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