‘Friend zone’ frustration replaced by gratitude

Popular culture depicts the “friend zone” as a pitiful, empty place. One dictionary defines it as “a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic … interest in the other” (OxfordDictionaries.com). This isn’t a new concept. Think Shakespeare or a dramatic novel. It has also been referred to as “unrequited love” or “lovesickness.” In an experience a few years ago, I discovered that, even in the midst of heartbreak, God is still caring for and loving those who find themselves in the friend zone.

It all started when I was getting to know a new group of friends. One of those new friends was a man who had lots in common with me, including a love of discussing deep ideas and spiritual concepts. Within a few months, we grew very close, and I began to feel that I wanted to be more than “just friends.” During one especially great conversation, I heard a voice deep down inside me say, “This is it.” I had been longing for a romantic relationship, and this one seemed just right.

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